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As integrated service company KRAUSE Repro offers you everything from one source: From special printing plate material to the complete CTP system. To our product range belong printing plates for newspaper and commercial printers as well as the different devices and systems for the newspaper industry.

We know your requirements and the appropriate solutions

Only those who recognize the needs of their customers in time can act accordingly. This philosophy has made KRAUSE Repro one of the most efficient suppliers for prepress material in Germany. We maintain an intensive exchange with our customers and suppliers. Involve yourself as a sales partner for first-class and exclusive products. Thereby we focus on delivery reliability, dependability and a maximum of service.

Fascinating technologies


Our range of services includes the supply of violet printing plates for use in the newspaper industry.


Excellent processing performance

Developer chemistry

Developer chemistry, regenerate
and gum for use in printing plate


Cleaning and protection

Clean out

For the use of Violet LowChem printing plates in a high-performance printing plate processor.


We deliver fast and reliable

Our knowledgeable and trained sales consultants will only recommend products that represent the optimal solution for your individual requirements. Manufacturer independent, competent and creative. A perfectly functioning logistics system ensures that you can dispose of all articles in the shortest possible time. As an internationally operating company, we also supply our customers in Eastern European countries such as Poland, Russia, Austria and Serbia-Montenegro - wherever they need us.



Understand markets, achieve goals!

In association with KRAUSE-Biagosch and as part of the HORSTMANNGROUP we benefit from the resources and know-how of an international group of industrial, service and trading companies. A knowledge advantage which we use for our customers.



Amortization business

Request your individual amortization option of a CTP system for the newspaper production via a printing plate contract.

The advantages:

  • No investment capital required for the CTP system
  • Investment budget for other machine investments
  • Keep your liquidity
  • New CTP equipment including warranty reduces budget for spare parts and repairs
  • CTP and printing plates from a single source ensure a reliable production process
  • Savings potential through low maintenance costs
  • Discount on maintenance contracts for customers who also purchase printing plate material and chemicals from Krause

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Printing plates

Laser-exposed printing plates, press towers as tall as houses and paper rolls up to 20 kilometers long are the fascinating centerpieces of newspaper printing plants, where thousands of print products of all kinds are produced every day.

Our range of services includes the supply of VIOLETT printing plates 405mm (30 - 150 mJ/cm²) for the use in the newspaper industry, with a circulation stability of up to 200,000 copies.

We offer 2 variants of polymer printing plates: Violet NORMAL and or Violet LowChem.

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Developer chemistry

The developer consists of a high-quality solution with excellent processing capacity. As a supplier of high-quality chemical products, we offer developer chemistry, replenisher as well as gum coating for use in a high-performance printing plate processor.

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Clean out solution

Clean-out gumming / Wash-out for the use of Violet LowChem printing plates in a high performance printing plate processor. Cleans and protects the plates in one step. For the perfect print run.

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