The successful
KRAUSE Service Concept

What more do our customers want than reliably running systems. To achieve highest system availability at lowest life cycle costs in the daily use KRAUSE focuses on the following core areas in the support and service concept:

SmartService 24/7 Hotline

+49 521-45997600


Support and service concept


CTP components in robust KRAUSE quality - Made in Germany



Installation, training, service training, production support


On site

Spare parts packages on site at the customer for fastest response times



Regular preventive maintenance to ensure long-term reliability



24/7 SmartService and RemoteMessaging of CTP components



Trained KRAUSE service engineers in direct access



Understanding of daily, time-critical commercial and newspaper production


Industry 4.0 / AI

Networking of the worldwide CTP systems with Industry 4.0 (IoT) components


CTP components in robust KRAUSE quality
– Made in Germany

KRAUSE CTP systems are our top products made of high quality components for the commercial and newspaper production, which are the worldwide benchmark in performance and robustness. KRAUSE is the only manufacturer in the newspaper sector offering CTP platesetters and processors from one source. With the customer benefit that these are fully integrated and easy to handle. The KRAUSE resource efficiency is the basis for the development, the production and the cost-effective operation of these systems and helps you to actively protect the environment.


Installation, training, production support,
Service Level 1+2 training

KRAUSE follows the goal to work in partnership with knowledgeable customers - your operating personnel will be trained to operate the systems safely, your maintenance or technical personnel will be intensively trained in Service Level 1 or Service Level 2 activities at KRAUSE, which increases the system availability on site and reduces the service costs.


Spare parts packages on site at the customer
for fastest response times

With optional spare parts packages on site, possible faults can be remedied immediately by your personnel or with our support. This fast troubleshooting and the safety with the spare parts on site increases the system availability immensely and ensures the daily production.


Regular preventive maintenance to ensure
the long-term reliability

Production systems should produce reliably at the highest quality and to keep it that way, they need appropriate care and maintenance. In addition to the daily checks by the operators, we support you with preventive maintenance, during which all components are checked, wear and tear parts are replaced, parameters are optimally adjusted and software updates are installed. Planned preventive maintenance increases quality, minimizes downtimes and reduces life cycle costs.


24/7 SmartService and RemoteMessaging
of CTP components

If you need support from KRAUSE we offer you a 24/7 SmartService remote and phone support by trained KRAUSE technicians and experts. Your CTP devices are equipped with many sensors and can send us messages and system information via the RemoteMessaging system, so that we can provide to you service support based on the data of your systems. With optional cameras the eye of the KRAUSE expert can see virtual directly into the machines and analyse possible errors immediately. So your team gets professional advice and if an on-site intervention is necessary, it can be prepared efficiently and related to the problem.


Trained KRAUSE Service Personnel
in direct access – worldwide

KRAUSE employs very well trained service technicians with many years of CTP system experience and excellent knowledge of upstream and downstream processes. During maintenance visits or troubleshooting we care about to leave the systems in a perfect condition. Thereby our technicians are supported by the experts in the factory.


Flexibility of a medium-sized company KRAUSE with full understanding for the daily, time critical commercial and newspaper production

Thanks to many years of experience in worldwide CTP newspaper printing, we know exactly what is required for just-in-time production and our team can react flexibly when it counts for you. Nowadays, even in commercial production, a fast response time tailored to the needs of our customers is essential. Because service quality also creates trust and we want you to trust us.


OSKAR - uses artificial intelligence (AI) for networking the worldwide CTP systems with their integrated industry 4.0 components

Krause uses OSKAR's artificial intelligence to get a very quick overview of the situation of the machines at our customers' premises. A simple display on a world map shows immediately where support is needed. When the customer or machine is selected, all relevant information is then available for analysis and evaluation. The aim is to compare data sets and, for example, to adapt maintenance or software adjustments to the de-facto requirements of the CTP systems in order to further increase effectiveness in the future with more machine knowledge.